2021 Ultimate Video Marketing Guide for Any Business

2021 Ultimate Video Marketing Guide for Any Business

Video is one of the best ways to generate more conversions and leads nowadays. Millions of people watch at least 10 minutes of video every day. And then you also have videos shared all the time on social media as well as many other mediums. Which is why we created a short Video Marketing Guide to get you started!

Preparing your videos

The first thing you want to do is to determine why you are creating the video. Find a purpose for it and then you need to plan for the next step, as you have to link the video to an action that people want to take. You can have videos that bring awareness towards a product, others that generate leads and others that convert leads into paid customers. At this time you also need to prepare your production plan and write a script, see who you want to hire and how you want to bring in some great results and experiences. Then you also have the option to do a live video, which makes it a lot easier to interact with people and bring in amazing success.

Shooting the video

Based on your budget you can just shoot the video on your phone, use a professional crew or rent the equipment and do it on your own. The idea is to use the best possible quality you can afford and then figure out how/if you will edit the video.

Publish the video and measure its performance

At this point you will have the video ready, so you have to publish it and see if you can measure its performance. You should publish the video on as many social sites as possible, as it’s easy to share. You should also use video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo too, as they have a huge audience. And then you have to use the integrated analytics or any other extra features to analyze and study the performance and see what you need to implement, modify and adjust as you go along.

Video Marketing tips

In this Video Marketing Guide we also want to share a few actionable tips you can use for video marketing in the online world!

  1.         Try to tell a story, people like stories and it connects a lot easier with them
  2.         Make sure that the title is engaging, otherwise people might not check your video.
  3.         Try to make this video creative, interesting and not boring. You can lose your audience if you’re not careful.
  4.         Mobile friendliness is a must, as most of your audience will come from mobile phones.
  5.         Focus on the mission and benefits of that product/idea you showcase, not thee product/service itself
  6.         Implement SEO keywords inside the video too. And don’t hesitate to add music to the video, that really pushes the boundaries and it makes the content a lot more interesting and appealing.
  7.         When it comes to video ideas, you can take them behind the scenes, showcase various new products or discounts, and so on. Every video needs to have a call to action.

We always encourage you to take your time and read this Video Marketing Guide to access and use actionable tips that will help your business. It’s not easy to try and take your company to the next level. But if you use these ideas wisely, nothing can stand in your way!