7 best business team communication Apps in 2022!

7 best business team communication Apps in 2022!

The best business team communication Apps are always going to help your company because you get to have your team talk about everything and eliminate any unwanted barriers. With that in mind, communicating is very important and you should make sure that you have the entire thing nailed down in a very professional and reliable manner.


Slack is great because it makes it easy for you to monitor conversations, you can also share files and easily search what was talked about too. It really is one of the best business team communication Apps out there. And you have calls, multiple teams as well as all kinds of extraordinary features.


Tameday is similar to slack, it has an instant chat feature that eliminates the need for emails. You can also share files in there and you will have task management and calendar in this package too. It’s also free to use with external users.


Flock also encourages you to have all work in a single place. It uses Google Drive for file sharing and it even comes with video chat compatibility. You have great messaging and chat features, a powerful interface and you can also test it via a live demo.

Google Hangouts Chat

This is a simple chat system but because it has Drive integration it’s a worthwhile mention. It allows you to easily track and monitor everything while taking your time and figuring out the process as you go along. It’s an incredible tool and it’s a part of G Suite too.


Twist is a team chat app created by the Todois developers. The idea behind this one is it allows you to focus on chats by turning each one of them into threads. You can easily add comments to every chat or you can start a new one. It’s a unique twist, but it works seamlessly and it’s enjoyable to use too.


Hibox is great, especially for remote teams. If you have team members on the go, this tool has mobile chat apps that make it easy to keep everything under control. It has task management software, task tracking, file sharing, and chat solutions.

Rocket Chat

In case you need the best business team communication Apps that are open source, this helps. It removes most of the back and forth and you will have a place to talk with the entire team. What makes Rocket Chat great is that it’s free to use for unlimited users. Granted, it’s not as feature-packed as most of the other solutions above, but it’s a worthwhile alternative.

In the end, you will notice that these best business team communication Apps will help you boost your productivity and connect with your team a whole lot better. It can be very time-consuming to do this at first, but the payoff will be great. We encourage you to give these a shot and then you can get some really good results every time!