Slack changed Logo

Slack changed Logo

Slack is a very popular collaboration hub for work. A lot of people enjoy it and they are using it all the time just because it’s so proficient, reliable and professional. But at the same time, they are making some changes all the time to ensure that things are better and more interesting for the customer base.

And right now, they changed their logo. This was announced recently on the Slack blog as soon as the logo change came into effect. We felt that the previous logo was quite impressive and good for what it was. Sure, maybe a bit too old school, but still a truly impressive logo for what it is. So you can imagine why a lot of people, including us, were quite shocked to see that Slack actually modified their logo at this particular time.

According to Slack, change is inevitable and it’s something that we need to embrace. They are undergoing multiple changes as a business, so they are indeed very focused and truly passionate on value and efficiency. They truly believe that changing the logo made a lot of sense to them.

They wanted a new logo to show that the company is reaching new heights, it’s evolving and their logo needs to change with the times as well. That being said, according to Slack, it was also very easy to get wrong what the logo really meant. They experimented with using the logo in various ways, and they ended up with the idea that this logo was downright terrible and certainly something that they would need to improve.

In fact, the Slack blog post even includes Simply Awful as a suggestion to how their logo was, which is a bit too much to be honest. But they did want to improve on the previous work they did and honestly this one does an amazing job for what it is. The value on its own is more than interesting, the quality and attention to detail is unique and at the same time they did retain the color palette, just brought in a more modern approach to all of this. That doesn’t make it way better than the previous one, at least for a lot of people. It still looks amazing for what it is, and at this time all that matters is how the company feels and how they want to be perceived as a business.

One thing to consider here is the fact that over the next few months Slack is changing their advertising, product changes are coming too and even their website is changing. Somehow Slack determined that they need to make changes and these are actually quite significant if you think about it. But in the end what matters the most is whether they are happy about the approach or not. We will definitely get used to this logo as time goes by. But whether this is a good change or not, only time can tell. Still, it’s nice to see that companies are experimenting and they are willing to make some changes!